fredagen den 25:e februari 2011

wheel of fortune

Looking for Eternity, and guess what? I found some. In a braid, in a wheel, in a cycle. In a paper cord and in my hands.

lördagen den 19:e februari 2011


Drawing challenge today, patchwork.
I inspired by this challenge to sit by the bed of a dead butterfly.
Visit Helen at objects of whimsy for more inspiration!

torsdagen den 17:e februari 2011


I´m trying to be in the circle of Trust.

onsdagen den 16:e februari 2011

cottage love

For some time ago I promised Gina to show my drawings of our allotment garden cottage.
We had a tiny "faluröd" / swedish red cottage on our little allotment ground before and it was falling to pieces. So we decided to build a new one. I saved the door and the two windows with glazing bars. The cottage is the same size plus 1 meter wider for a garden tool store with entrance from a dubbel door on the right. On the left of the door we bought two old windows to have a glass corner, it´s helpful when pre-germinating and also a wonderful wiev out in the garden (thanks Per for the idea). The width of the only room inside is exactly the length of a bed. Perfect for relaxing and to bring a cup of tea. The garden is about 20 meters from our appartment just across the street and then a path in to the allotment area.
It would have been a hard time for me to manage life in an appartment without this garden. (I´m really a forest kind of a person.)
We painted the house with falu black paint. The windows and frames are sun-yellow and gold-ocher linseed oil paint.
Here some pics from the inside. My husbands pics from the allotment garden.

I´m so happy that we conducted this life-affirming project!
A huge Thank You, to the ones involved!

tisdagen den 15:e februari 2011

like a bird

Nina Simone is keeping me company. I'm drawing birds and symbolic cages. These are on their way to a wall in a staircase.

clock wise

I ask myself, where did time go?
Strange question, as time is not existing and not capable to hide.

söndagen den 13:e februari 2011

little helper

in the studio this morning.
Outside sunshine.

lördagen den 12:e februari 2011


blue sky above
and inside insight
I'm in the drawing challenge
today sky.
Visit Helen to see who else has a scenery of sky.
My drawing is a detail from a work in progress.

torsdagen den 10:e februari 2011


Life continues
every heartbeat
every drop of rain
every now and then
all included
anything can sing.

lördagen den 5:e februari 2011


The moon
a segment of an orange.

fredagen den 4:e februari 2011


A new try, I'm sorry about this but I want it to work.
I´m trying to blog from my iphone on the app BlogWriter. I guess this is how small the photo gets. I´m not all happy about the layout but I guess it´s ok for now. For example I don´t think You can change colour on the text or work with the design. If anyone knows a better way or another app please let me know, thanks.

torsdagen den 3:e februari 2011

You see

Remember this piece?
It surprised me.
This piece had a story to tell and I had no idea what it was.
Not when made years ago and not when remade some months ago.
Can You see it? Can You see the message?
It says:
You get more than You see.

It´s about all the invisible, the magic, the unpredictable.
It´s about all the in betweens, the face to face and all the layers.
It´s about the white and everything that fits in to it.

and also it has some mathematical indestructible moments of truth that I haven´t yet figured out with all of my sences.